Uplift Worldwide


Business is today's foremost gateway for transformation and awakening.

What happens if we lead business from

an elevated state of being?

This is the question driving our mission to invigorate businesses designed to uplift humanity and our planet.

Who is Uplift Worldwide?

We are a global business group specialized in bridging business development and human advancement. Our offerings arrive in the form of strategic workshops, team retreats, training, 1:1 advisory.

We provide an environment that cultivates new business ideas that can only arise from connected, communicative, and aligned teams.

We view business as prominent platform for major shifts in our collective thriving.

Our partners are looking for:

Clear Direction

Collaborative Solutions

Boosted Creativity & Productivity

Resilient & Engaged Workforce

Our clients are seeking to enhance their innovative thinking, clarify their strategic vision, and optimize their performance in the market to have a greater impact. 



new insights and ideas on the next level of business and impact.


a higher and deeper connection between people and with the business.


strategic business plans and structure informed by multidimensional data.


enhanced capacity to connect, communicate, and lead authentically throughout the culture of the business.


What our clients are saying

"Uplift provided the re-energizing environment we needed to capture our employees' and clients' attention. It was an incredible experience having Melissa and her team orchestrate strategy deep-dives, personal development training, and wellness classes for our teams. I have not seen my teams more engaged than during our biannual retreats with Uplift. It's something we look forward to and leave feeling renewed mentally and organizationally."

Casey J. 

VP Operations

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Sat, Dec 7, 2019 to Dec 14, 2019 Ahki Retreat Center–Nosara, Costa Rica

The Return of the Phoenix

A Conscious Business Accelerator

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