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The Path of the Phoenix: Nosara, Costa Rica

December 8 @ 5:00 pm – December 18 @ 6:00 pm

Nosara, Costa Rica  | Saturday, Dec 8th – Saturday, Dec 15th, 2018

How can you take your business to heights beyond your imagination?


Your fullest potential is either exhilarated or limited by your thoughts, habits, and relationships. This Path will guide you to elevate your mind, body, and performance.

Your decision to arrive in Costa Rica for this experience marks a powerful intention to accelerate you and your business. Everyday you will be instructed in science-based transformative practices to deepen your clarity and energize your body. You will learn to initiate and sustain an elevated state of being. From this state, you will be able to fully tap into the guiding tools I provide to strategically advance the core elements of your business.

Achievement is not your issue. You already know how to reach goals, complete checklists, and exceed client expectations.  Our focus is ALIGNMENT. You will become an expert on aligning your thoughts and behavior so you can grow your business with increasing well-being and fulfillment. We will explore and experience the proven advantages of rejuvenation and play!

You will leave feeling more alive and empowered to serve others through your very being and business.

Welcome to the PATH OF THE PHOENIX.

What is a Food Hub?

A Food Hub is a catch-all term for an economic model that seeks to aggregate food products from one region and provide a central channel (or hub) through which they are sold to regional buyers. It can look very different depending on the model.

What is Fireweed’s Food Hub Model?

Fireweed Food Hub operates on a wholesale consignment model, where Producer Members of our Co-op can become Food Hub suppliers, and post their products and inventory for sale through an online platform to wholesale buyers, such as restaurants, institutions, grocery stores, catering companies and more.

How does food get sold through the Food Hub?

Fireweed Food Hub operates on a consignment model. This refers to the fact that Fireweed Food Hub does not purchase inventory from Suppliers and resell it. Instead, we provide an online platform on which all our Suppliers can post their inventory to be browsed and purchased in one central place. Consignment is the model recommended for fledgling food hubs due to risk and capacity factors, but in the future some Food Hubs move towards an inventory model.

Who does the Food Hub sell to?

Fireweed Food Hub sells to wholesale customers only such as restaurants, grocery retailers, and institutional foodservice providers. The Food Hub does not sell to individual or household consumers. Over the longer term, we hope that this will help grow the overall market demand for locally produced food and allow farms to focus more on farming, and less on direct marketing. It can help existing farms scale up to find new levels of efficiency, and possibly help more small farmers enter the market. It's a longer term goal, but we believe that taking a systems-approach will help get more good food to more Manitoban households over the long run.

Who are the Food Hub’s suppliers?

Fireweed sources exclusively from our Co-op Producer Members who are all small to medium scale farmers, ranchers and food producers who produce in our region. All of our suppliers are dedicated to continually improving their farm’s ecological and social resiliency through spray-free and Organic Certified growing, crop rotation, free-range meat production, and fair pay for farm labourers. We are dedicated to providing a transparent supply chain in all our operations and we will never purchase from re-sellers of any kind.

How can my business or organization buy from the Food Hub?

To become a buyer from the Food Hub, click the pink button at the top of this page that says "Buy" and Register as a "FOODHUB" customer. Or, email our Food Hub Coordinator Anna at

How can my farm or business sell through the Food Hub?

To become a Supplier to the food hub, check out our Supplier Information page or email Anna at

How can I support the Food Hub?

Not a farmer or a grocer, but passionate about local food and want to support the Hub? Amazing! The best way you can support us is by becoming a Supporter Member in our Co-op. Your yearly membership fee is pay what you can, and helps to fund our operations. As a member you can also participate in our organization at a board level, and vote on by-law changes at our Annual General Meeting in the fall. You may also make a contribution to our ongoing work. We appreciate your support greatly!

Where is the Food Hub located?

Fireweed Food Hub is located at 1338A Clifton street. Our entrance is at the REAR of the building. Do not go to Fresh Option which is 1338-- go around the side of the building to the back and find our door.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)