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Path of the Phoenix

An Accelerator Retreat Experience

Saturday, December 7 –Saturday December 14, 2019

What if space was not empty but actually infinitely FULL?

Saturday, December 7 –Saturday December 14, 2019

Ahki Retreat Center–Nosara, Costa Rica

Spaciousness is one of the key ingredients for new possibilities and novel ideas.  This retreat is designed for those seeking next-level connection, clarity, and creativity.   

Your decision to depart from your daily schedule and arrive in Costa Rica marks a powerful intention to accelerate the process of creation.  And, December marks a powerful time to reflect and plan for 2020+.  The jungle and ocean create an environment so richly nourishing that it serves as a speedway for transformation. 


We will use meditation, the breath, and a series of movement to ground and ignite your being.  We will lead a refined blend of content focused on expanding the mind and opening up to new potential.  Together, our group will cultivate a coherence that will activate faster, deeper pathways to connection.   


You will leave Costa Rica feeling replenished mentally, physically, and spiritually.   There will be a lightness about you that will feel full and clear.  You will have gained new skills that apply the arts of stillness and play to advance your faculties of perception.  You will leave with friends for a lifetime.  You will feel more deeply connected to yourself, your purpose, and your path forward. ​


Welcome to the Path of the Phoenix.

"I am taking away unexpected growth, clarity, and a sense of purpose that I am truly excited about integrating into my professional and personal life. While I am typically very conservative about using big words to describe experiences, the word that first comes to my mind for this experience is "transformational..." - Jessica, President of Zola Windows

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Video Introducing the Experience released October 3, 2019

What Is Included

Location: Ahki Retreat CenterNosara, Costa Rica


Your retreat includes lodging and everything listed below.  Please contact us at for more details on pricing. 

What Is Included

  • Choice of on-site luxury lodging accommodations

  • Three meals daily -breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • All-day coffee & tea

  • This program counts as continuing ed tax credit (USA applicable only)

  • Daily meditation, breathwork, and movement classes

  • Daily workshops: new model of reality, re-alignment, quantum physics, conscious/subconscious and much more!

  • Ocean & other secret excursions

  • Group and 1:1 strategic advisory with optional 1:1 private coaching time available

  • 400 steps to miles of sandy beaches, tide pools, and surf breaks

  • 300 steps to restaurants, organic markets, juice bars, and shops

  • Friendship and memories to last a lifetime!

  • 3 months of post-retreat integration group zoom calls

  • Group private shuttle the entirety of the retreat for daily excursions

General Schedule

  • Saturday Dec 7 - group shuttle picks up at Liberia airport (LIR) at 2pm, check-in by 4pm, dinner at 6:30pm

  • Morning movement and meditation

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop + practices

  • Lunch & free time for short excursions to beach, pooltime, etc.

  • Workshop + practices

  • Dinner

  • Friday Evening: 5:00-7:30 Celebration and Dinner

  • Saturday, Dec 14 – shuttles leaves 8:15am for Liberia, check out by 10am