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Uplift Worldwide

Accelerating the rise of conscious business

Business is today's foremost 

gateway for shifting and

expanding positive impact

What happens if we lead from an elevated state of being?

This is the question driving our mission to invigorate businesses designed to uplift humanity and our planet.


An Introduction:

We serve at the nexus of business development and our planet's advancement.  We view business as an extension of the humans leading them and thus a powerful gateway for transformation.   

Our focus areas include: business development, strategic planning, supply chain resilience, inclusive economies, new horizon projects, and conscious ideation.  We engage through consulting, workshops, courses, team off-sites, retreats, and private coaching. 


Our clients gain new business insights, inspired direction, elevated energy, and expanded income channels. More than all of this, they tune into a deeper sense of purpose and pathway forward. 


What our clients are saying

Wendy S.

Global Director, Supply Chain

“Melissa designs immensely effective strategy workshops for our leadership team. She has facilitated eight sessions so far to refocus our internal direction and strategic plans.  She manages our varying leadership styles skillfully.  We will continue to work with her, because our leadership team sees the value she brings in both the business and leadership development channels.  Melissa carries a very unique combination of skills and we cannot recommend her with higher regard.”


Robert Gallagher

COO Wild Regenerative

“Uplift offers an integrated approach that I honestly have never witnessed or experienced before in the science field.  First, they are scientists by background, which provides for a leveling foundation for us to speak the same language.  What they offered was a mix of business operational deep-dives and leadership sessions.  I can ecstatically state that it worked for us as a global remote team to have this eclectic approach where we were constantly dialing into our individual geniuses and our collective brain power.  We became closer as a team, left with a sales strategy that launched us to triple our business, which we thought would take 3 more years at least.  The numbers speak for themselves, our sales and impact scaled big time because of our work with Uplift.”

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-01 at 12.06.56 AM

Nancy Belmont

Serial Entrepreneur

“I was initially skeptical that my business would really 'accelerate' as a result of a consistent and intense meditation practice, but three months later, my revenues are up 340% from last year's Q1. There's no doubt that Uplift shifted our bottom-line by leading us through a transformation of our core business.  Melissa is an incredible coach, she cuts straight through to the truths that rumble awake what is needed to take us to the next level.”


Casey Plasker

CEO Circularly

“ Melissa is an equally gifted teacher as she is a business strategist. She has the ability to unlock human potential—connecting and motivating the people in her path.  Her versatility and quest for knowledge is palpable and gives her the skills to advise individuals with varying backgrounds and areas of expertise. On a personal level, Melissa has helped me find the inner confidence to be able to move forward on business endeavors and create the space to gain both inner clarity and higher purpose. She has helped me connect my business and personal worlds in a way that has left me eager and confident to move forward in ways that I did not expect or think were possible—Highlighting that in success, there is no separation in these two areas and beyond.”

New & Effective Approaches to:

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 8.26.13 PM.png

Strategy and Business Development Consulting


 Team Strategy Events, Off-site Retreats, and Workshops


Supply Chain Integrity and Value Chain Consulting

Our partners are looking for:

Clear Direction

Collaborative Solutions

Boosted Creativity & Productivity

Resilient Strategies

We guide our clients to activate & cultivate:


new insights and ideas on the next level of business and impact.


a higher and deeper connection between people and with the business.


strategic business plans and structure informed by multidimensional data.


enhanced energy and capacity across the entire organization


What our clients are saying


Elise Phipps

CEO Wellthcare

“Melissa helped me reverse engineer a convergence of my purpose coming to life in a way that married with my health and happiness.  While Melissa has a highly impressive background, skillset, and mind, it will be her aid in integration of consciousness that most transforms your trajectory.  She is as intelligent, well-read, strategic, and as much a critical thinker as the best out there.  But it is her embodiment of, dare I say, love, combined with her experience utilizing consciousness and energetics that puts her in a futuristic class among few others.  When I look back on moments that helped shape my career and the evolvement of my personal offering, working with Melissa will stand out as a pivotal initial projection into what will be my highly conscious and gratifying creation here.  If you have the opportunity to work with Melissa, it is well worth the investment.”


Alma S.

Manager Offshore projects, TenneT


“Melissa is an inspiring person who serves as a major conduit of energy. I had the opportunity to share many talks and walks, meditations, thoughts, laughter, inquisitiveness, and ideas with her. Melissa provided one particular experience that moved me deeply. The energy, the colors I experienced, the weight and weightlessness of being there and also not being there, it was life-changing… I had never experienced anything like that. It was beautiful, and I still feel privileged that Melissa provided so many gifts!”


Adam Ben-David

Conductor,Book of Mormon on Broadway, USA

“Melissa provided an experience that was unlike anything else. She created a magical, timeless container where I felt an opening of heart and being that has stayed with me since. It was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I will forever remember the visions, the reunions, and the messages received. Do not miss the opportunity to work with Melissa, your entire being will thank you for it a million times over.”


Ariana Chopra

Founder & CEO, SoulWild

“Melissa has been a beautiful soul sister, soul guide, and mentor. So humbled and honored to be receiving this medicine, elevating the consciousness in my life and my business further.  The work I have done with her has opened me to realms of possibility, stepping into my power, while always leaving space to play and flow through my innermost callings.  Grateful for her offerings to this world and shining the light that she is, always inspiring me to shine in my own.”

Global Track Record


Countries Represented


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