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Myself and some clients are getting together for 4 days to implement strategies for getting your message and your product, program, or services out to millions. 


-Melissa Kim,

Have you ever been unclear about how to get something done, but found in the process of talking it out, you came to your answer?  

How to take your business to 7 figures or even multi 7 figures may be unclear right now, but after Message to Millions Live, it won’t be.

At Message to Millions Live 2020, we are talking through your business, your strategies, your message, and even your dreams, so at the end of 4 days you have all the answers you need to build a 7 figure (or more) business and make your dreams come true.

Join us March 12th-15th for a 4 day training intensive: message, online strategies, and launching your product, program, or service to millions to reach your dreams. 

Look, there is one thing I am certain of - you have a voice that needs to be heard, just like me. But you have to get it out to millions to make the impact. Years ago, I wrote down one sentence that I wanted to give voice to: 

I want to inspire millions to go after their dreams.

Since then, I've had to find ways to be heard, to give lift to my voice about creating a message that will reach millions, an online system that will grow your business to 7 figures or multi 7 figures and a business that can support any dream you have and want to experience. 


I'd like you to jump ahead of figuring it all out and simply get all of it, all the strategies, coaching, ideas, feedback, and talk it out with me over 4 days.

Myself and some clients are getting together in March, join us.

The first day of M2M Live 2020 is for anyone who:

Has struggled to nail down a message that will echo through clients' minds

Has a story that MUST be heard 

Needs to work out a step-by-step coaching curriculum that can make money immediately

Wants to magnify their brand with story and message for greater income and impact

Feels driven to give voice to their dreams, build a 7 figure business, and inspire millions in the process

In the evening, I'm taking you to see a show. My one man theater show, Good Enough, is my own dream and I'd like you to experience the power of story first hand. (Did I tell you, it's being turned into a movie!?)

Day 2 of M2M Live 2020 is the heart of your program, product, or service:

Tell me if you'd like to have:

The EXACT 5-7 steps it takes to deliver a stellar program, product, or service - taught by me, in person, with live, on-the-spot coaching.

My framework for communicating these steps so confidently and clearly that clients and customers will pay you DOUBLE.

How to EXPAND these steps to create your live events, online products, and MORE!

Sound good? Can you see how your dreams can become real if you have this powerful framework in place giving voice to your expertise on a much bigger scale? Learning these online strategies can help you build a 7 figure business that will reach millions.

Come with us March 12th-15th for a 4 day intensive for strategies, messages, and dreams in March at Message to Millions LIVE 2020!

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At this point, you may be thinking, "That's a lot to take in and learn...I don't want to be overwhelmed."


You won't be. We take plenty of time to talk through the strategies and how to apply them to your business. You'll break to talk with peers, coaches, and I'll be mentoring live, on the spot to help you get 100% clarity.

Day 3 is all about the online system.

The online system that gives momentum to your story, message, and program, product, or service so that you can create immediate cash flow as well as a steady flow of high paying clients month after month.

If you ever experience...


Feast or famine in your client flow

A lack of consistent income

Working all the time because you don't have systems in place to do the client-getting work for you

Then this day will really blow your mind. Day 3 will set you free and show you how close your dreams really are. I'll be able to break it all down for you in person and answer your questions as they arise, in the moment. You’ll begin to see very clearly how you can build a 7 figure business or take your business to multi 7 figures.

WAIT! The day gets even better...

So many of my clients came to me hating sales. They avoided it, dreaded sales conversations, and had resigned themselves to the belief "I can't sell."


Many people building their own business run into this belief. They believe that sales is pushy, undesired, and something they can't do.


They're wrong.


On day 3, we're going to talk about enrollment, the method that is simply a natural conversation where you put your client first and stand for their dreams.


It's liberating. Join me in Los Angeles this March.

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Day 4 is THE funnel.

The final piece to wrap everything you've learned over the M2M Live 2020 spread. You don't have to go searching for the funnel that works, that will convert leads into buyers, I have done that already and I want to spend some time mapping it out with you. Mapping it out will show you how your business can go to 7 figures and multi 7 figures.

This is where I dream with you...the whole room, we dream together, and we finalize the plan needed to make your 7 figure or multi 7 figure business happen.

Getting high converting video scripts

Opt-in pages that convert 50% or better

Discovering how to create a free offer in 60 minutes or less

Being handed email copy so you can quickly make it yours

Modeling a presentation framework that works for online, video, and even the stage

Well, day 4 is your day. You'll see all 4 days of the event come together crystal clear so you can take control of your 7 figure business and your dreams and activate them!

Go ahead and save your seat. We'll all be there - your mentors, your coaches, and your peers to keep you on track and focused on your dreams. That's why you're building a 7 figure business right?


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Your business is the the platform that makes your dreams come true.

Let's dream together - Message to Millions Live 2020 - Register here.

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