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Accessing the Infinite Database

If you’re familiar with my work, then you’ve probably heard me say that the quantum field is made up of infinite frequencies which carry vital information. But today, I want you to consider this invisible field beyond space and time in a new way: Think of the quantum field as one big, invisible database, and the way you can access the information contained in this huge database is through your central nervous system.

When we connect to the quantum field—that place where all new potentials exist as possibilities not yet materialized into our 3D reality—our nervous system becomes like an antenna or a super conductor whose job it is to pull more highly organized, coherent energy, information, and consciousness from the field into our biology. In order to connect to that energy and information, however, we have to change our consciousness to match its consciousness. (Remember that consciousness is awareness and awareness is paying attention.) We do this by taking our attention off of everything material in this three-dimensional reality and putting it in the unified field. This of course requires us to put our attention on something invisible, something we can’t experience with our senses (the quantum or unified field exists beyond our senses). This is where many people lose faith, get impatient, and get discouraged. However, just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Not only do many individuals lack the faith that their creations will happen (which is lacking faith in themselves), but they are looking (with their senses) for something immediate to happen. If the majority of your life’s energy and attention has been invested in this outward three-dimensional reality (because where you place your attention is where you place your energy), then you have to put in the work to get beyond yourself and everything material that you perceive with your senses. This requires you to become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time. When we can achieve this, we become pure consciousness, and when we become pure consciousness, we’re no longer identifying with anything physical. We become more energy and less matter. This is the bridge that connects us to the quantum field—the consciousness of every body, every one, every thing, every where, in every time. This is the eye of the needle. But you can’t pass through it as your identity, or identifying with anything material—you have to leave all that at the door. In other words, you can’t enter as a somebody, you must enter as a no body. Once you become pure consciousness, then you as a subjective free-willed consciousness can connect to all the possibilities and potentials of the objective field which governs all the laws of nature. It’s within this field (database) where an infinite number of frequencies within infinite levels of consciousness exist for you to experience. The consciousness of the mystic, the genius, the healer, the healed—they all exist in this field. As your brain processes a new stream of consciousnesses and energy—and because consciousness and energy moving through the brain creates mind—we can now become the mind of the mystic, the mind of the genius, the mind of the healer, and so forth. Because all of these possibilities already exist as potentials in the field, all you have to do is keep your attention on it (whatever that it is), stay present with it, and become aware of it. When you can fully surrender and embody this information, it’s almost as if you can begin to remember your future. Every time you remember your future, you call it to you. Now you are upgrading the operating system of your biology and the information that is being downloaded is not coming from the slow evolution of 3D reality. You are installing the operating systems of the divine or supernatural. This the fast track of evolution, both for the individual and the collective. When you are in the sweet spot of the eternal present moment, there’s nothing for you to do and nowhere you have to go to create your future. You just have to pay attention and repeatedly become more and more of the consciousness of whatever it is you want to experience. As you tune into this potential over and over, you can begin to measure the effects by what happens around you. Once you can get beyond yourself and tune into the frequency of that potential, then just like you pull information off of servers and databases when you request information from the internet, you are pulling those potentials into your biology and your life. Now you are becoming your future before it happens. I’d call that a biological upgrade, so let’s install the new software of infinite possibilities and evolve beyond the human experience. dr. joe dispenza blog

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