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Business as an Awakening

Uplift Worldwide. 

We are a business incubator that scales new ventures designed to uplift humanity and our planet.  Uplift Worldwide was created to bridge effective strategic business consultancy and the awakening of the body, mind, and spirit through a science-based system.

Blurring the Line Between Business & Awakening

What if there was no division between growing your business and expanded consciousness?  For those of you who have worked with me, you know this is the limitless space from which we explore and dive deep. I am of the mindset that focused practice in expanding one’s frequency is the same focal practice to expanding one’s business and positive impact. If you are looking to receive leading strategic business advisory AND science-based meditation and somatic practices…you have found the right place. Welcome to the blurring of lines.  Welcome to the BRIDGE.

What if you could make your dreams reality by fully aligning your current self with your future Self?

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